Ultralight Gear for the Outdoors

Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery
Shipping is based on package weight and all shipments are sent via the US Postal Service.  To get a shipping estimate place an item in the shopping cart, then the shopping cart page gives you the opportunity to enter your location and get a quote.  At the time of this writing, within the US, first class parcel shipping is $3.79 for one table and $4.54 for two tables.  Priority mail within the US is the same for one or two tables at $8.15.  Shipping cost to Canada and other International locations can also be estimated by requesting a shipping quote on the Shopping Cart page.
Returns & Replacements
You may return your new and unused table for a refund within 30 days of purchase.   If you believe your table is defective or has failed, please fill out the CONTACT US page and let us know the circumstances and we will propose an appropriate resolution that may include a refund or exchange.  Our guiding philosophy is the golden rule, to treat customers fairly as we would expect to be treated ourselves if our positions were reversed.
Cascade Wild currently accepts payment via Paypal only.  We may accept a money order by mail, please use the CONTACT US page if that is your only way to order a table.