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bout the 2.2 ounce Ultralight Backpacking Table by Cascade Wild

       The ultralight backpacking table by Cascade Wild is purposely sized to hold a canister stove with base, a water bottle or coffee mug, and a bowl or plate, with room for other small items - all for only 2.2 ounces.    If you need more space, two Cascade Wild tables can be snapped together to form a larger surface.  No problem if your canister stove boils over, the table is made of Coroplast which has a melting point of 324 degrees fahrenheit.
Age old problem:  you set a water bottle or stove on top of a log and it rolls off.  Not with the Cascade Wild table!  The legs will straddle just about any size log to create a stable platform, plus, you can tend your stove and cook your meal without having to kneel down close to the ground.  Here the table is set on a log lengthwise, but you can also set it crosswise depending on the size and shape of the log.  
  The Cascade Wild table has snaps that hold the table in position when set up for use, and when folded for packing.  The table folds into a compact 12" by 4" by 3/4" bundle that fits easily into the side water bottle pocket of your pack.
Need more room? Cascade Wild tables will snap together side-to-side. Here, two tables snapped together give you a combined 12" by 16" surface for a total weight of only 4.4 ounces. If everyone in your group carries a table, you can chain them all together to form a larger table at mealtime, then snap them apart for personal use. Best of all, there is a 10% discount when you buy two or more tables.  
  The Cascade Wild table sets up and breaks down in reverse order, in seconds, with snaps to lock it in both positions. Your table comes with a simple instruction sheet to show how easy it is to set up and break down the table.
Ready to break camp and hit the trail? The Cascade Wild table stows in a side water bottle pocket without displacing the bottle. Or, shove it into your stretch shovel pocket or any convenient spot in your pack.  
  A Cascade Wild table in the field, Three Sisters Wilderness, central Oregon. We have shipped Cascade Wild tables around the world, and they are now in use in Canada, Australia, South America, Europe, Israel, Hong Kong, and Japan. Often the international shipping cost for two tables is the same as for one; feel free to ask for a shipping quote, as the shipping calculator may overstate the cost to ship multiple tables.
A lot goes into what appears to be a simple product. Our plastics supplier uses a die to stamp out the table blanks, then all the finish work is done by hand in Oregon. We use a jig, T-square, roller, and sometimes heat gun to put in the folds, then we move to a snap press to install the snaps that hold the table when set up or folded for packing. Finally we press on a label and package the table with an instruction sheet.    

    $9.99 or buy 2 or more for $9 each

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