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Jim Hamel was a retired businessman and lifelong backpacker when he and wife Joy started Cascade Wild as a small family business in 2016.  Cascade Wild was born in the rainy Northwest where anything you set on the ground in the backcountry is likely to get dirty.  The mission was always simple:  provide an economical, lightweight backpacking table to get your personal cooking gear up out of the dirt and mud.   

Father time has taken his toll and Jim and Joy made the decision in early 2024 to permanently retire again and spend more time with family and grandchildren.  Once we completed the last production run, the last tables sold out quickly.

Our greatest source of pride was that Cascade Wild tables were always made locally in western Oregon using materials sourced from local suppliers and starting in 2017, all Cascade Wild tables were assembled and folded by hand at the vocational rehabilitation division of Oregon State Hospital.  Our partnership helped the hospital provide market-wage jobs to people with mental disabilities who were learning work and life skills to be applied in society at large.  Our association with Oregon State Hospital motivated us to keep Cascade Wild going for a long time after we knew we were really ready to wind down and re-retire.

Our final count was that we shipped 54,639 tables to more than 40 countries around the world.  We formed warm relationships with retailers in distant locations and received pictures and notes of thanks and encouragement from people around the globe.  Cascade Wild provided a life-changing experience for us, and we appreciate each and every customer who ever purchased one of our tables.

At the time of this writing, Cascade Wild products may still be available in the U.S. at Garage Grown Gear.  Our “International” page also has links to retailers overseas who may have Cascade Wild products.  Of particular note, one of those retailers is our long-time partner in South Korea – Moonrocket -- who is working to establish production of Cascade Wild-based tables in their area with our blessing and approval.  They plan to honor our tradition of using an organization that employs people with disabilities to make Cascade Wild tables.  We have zero financial interest in their endeavor, our reward is their desire to honor and continue our table design.

If you are a one-time Cascade Wild customer, thank you for your support and patronage over the years.  It has been an honor and privilege to serve you!

Jim and Joy Hamel -- Cascade Wild, LLC


Jim and joy Hamel

Cascade Wild is a small family business started by Jim and Joy Hamel after Jim retired from a career in commercial finance.  We have purposely kept the business small to pursue our primary occupation (“retired”) and spend time with our family and grandchildren. Although Jim has slowed down with age he still gets out on the trail multiple times per year, and we both enjoy RV camping in the great Pacific Northwest.  We are grateful that Cascade Wild has allowed us to interact with customers and create relationships with retailers around the world and we have now shipped tables to all 50 states, 8 Canadian provinces, and 38 other countries.  We love to hear from customers and we will do absolutely anything to make sure every Cascade Wild customer is 100% satisfied.  Thank you so much for your business!

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