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On their podcast, The First 40 Miles reviews the Cascade Wild table (20:00 mark, but support them and listen to the whole podcast!)

Apr 2017

Those who are avid backpackers or campers and that want to bring a table with them on their journey will find the Cascade Wild Ultralight Backpacking Table to be a great solution.

Jan 2017

How Jim created origami-like UL backpacking tables

Jun 2019

We've been voted one of "Summer's Finest Products" at our online retail partner, Garage Grown Gear!

Jul 1029

Nothing against dirt, but sometimes it’s nice to get your kitchen off the ground...For the price and weight, it’s an easy pick for hikers who want a touch of class.

Mar 2018

Lightweight and worth the space. Fantastic retired couple make them here in the US.

Mar 2018

...this is the only thing the “mainstream outdoor media” is writing about that I could even potentially see thru-hikers being stoked about...

Jan 2017

... It's nice to find those luxury items worth taking along. The Ultralight Backpacking Table from Cascade Wild is one of those items so well designed that it’s hard to find reasons not to bring it.

Feb 2017

Because sometimes simplicity is key. The Cascade Wild camping table is a straightforward solution to keeping your camping meals off the ground.

MAr 2017

there’s a good chance the Cascade Wild Ultralight Backpacking Table will become a staple part of your backcountry stash, with its ability to keep your gear off the ground while packing flat into a compact bundle.

Jan 2017

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